SPECIAL PROMOTION - NO. 3 - Cartoon - Bigger Every Day

  • SPECIAL PROMOTION - NO. 3 - Cartoon - Bigger Every Day

"Big day every day" is a long cartoon. Each episode will give your child the skills needed for life. Each episode will be a new song composed with fun rhythms, close words from children and illustrated by cute, cute cartoon images. The children will be heard singing, watching cartoons about things that are close to the life of the baby such as: Ti friends today learn to cross the way, Bin was taught by parents watches, My friend taught swimming, Ly Today i'm on my bike ...

Through the episodes, funny animated images will be deposited, lyric and melody songs will be sung by the children to sing again, the children will learn life skills in the most natural way. At the beginning of each episode there is always a group of animated cartoon characters and case dialogue that gives them attention before entering the main content of the show.